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Learn more about the life insurance product that saves you money and rewards you for staying active and living healthy!

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Manulife Family term with Vitality

Welcome to a new kind of life insurance – one that rewards healthy living!

Family Term with Vitality gives you insurance plus the opportunity to earn rewards and save on how much you pay for insurance – all while improving your health.


  • Opportunity to save on future insurance rates*
  • Personalized health goals and the opportunity to get an Apple Watch from just $39** to monitor your progress
  • Additional rewards and discounts from Amazon, GoodLife Fitness &

Life insurance isn’t super exciting, but it's a very important component of your financial well being

Especially if you have a growing family that is being supported by you and your income.

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If you currently have mortgage life insurance through your bank, you’re likely paying too much in premiums. A term life insurance policy, on average, is 40% to 50% less expensive than the banks’ mortgage life insurance. On average, our clients are saving $80/month or more when they make the switch.*


A term life insurance policy is more comprehensive and has additional benefits that are not found in mortgage life insurance. Not only are your premiums lower, but your life insurance coverage and premiums are guaranteed for a longer period of time (typically 10 or 20 years).


It has become even easier to get a life insurance policy put in place. We can assist you with the easy online application process and once you’re approved, your policy is delivered to you electronically through email. There is generally no need for a medical (ie. providing fluid samples) and applications are underwritten in 2 to 3 weeks.


Committed to finding his clients the best financial solutions to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Hey, I'm Scott Campbell, Certified Financial Planner®
I’ve always had a passion for helping protect my clients with the right insurance, and the Manulife Vitality program has brought new life into life insurance. This program encourages my clients to live a healthier lifestyle and saves them money!

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